The old KP Hall, now Freedom Makers Studio

The old KP Hall, now Freedom Makers Studio

Welcome to Freedom Makers Studio! We are a community cultural space featuring the Makers in western Waldo County, Maine and surrounding areas.  Makers are artisans, craft workers and other creative people who take the raw materials of our rural life and transform and translate them into artistic expressions, images, products, services and experiences for others to share.

This building has a history of community and collective spirit.  Known locally as the “KP Hall” it served as a Knights of Pythias meeting house, and also a boy scout meeting hall, gymnasium for the Freedom Academy after it burned down in the 1940s, as Fred Flye’s barbershop/pool hall and saloon, as the circulation department for the now defunct Maine Life magazine, a workshop for a couple of local woodworkers and most recently as the Paul Oberst studio. The three-story building has been renovated and approved as a mixed-use space in the heart of Freedom Village, diagonally across from the newly renovated Mill at Freedom Falls which houses The Lost Kitchen restaurant and the Mill School.

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This endeavor is both a celebration and a risk – making a space that celebrates our community of artists and a growing community of friends seeking to honor the local history of place, while we breath new life into this space.  This building is full of old stories, and we are preparing to generate new stories for our neighbors and friends.

The studio is an open gallery and storefront from May to December. From January through April it is a working artists studio with space available for a few working artists each winter. 

Most importantly, it is an available space for intimate gatherings and events that bring community members together for art exhibits, classes, presentations, music and poetry and as a base for area excursions and hikes.