Wales in the Willows / by Lissa Widoff

It was such a treat to have my friend Cassandra Lishman at Freedom Makers Studio this weekend. The onslaught of the snowy winter and busy December schedules kept the crowd small, but intimate enough to share stories, willow weaving, stories about intentional communities and living lightly on the land.  She talked about Lammas, the ecovillage where she lives in Wales and where I stayed for several weeks the summer of 2014. 

Special thanks to Jack Kertesz who sourced a fine bundle of basket willow for Cassie from a special location in Thorndike and I complemented that with the first blue leaf arctic willow and red-osier dogwood harvested in my micro-homestead.  Cassie and her family were a true inspiration to me then and even more so now. How do we weave together our positive intensions about community, using local resources and living as sustainably as possible. Such beauty and inspiration still!